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Shelby County Tennessee Correctional Center Overview

Shelby County is located in West Tennessee. Founded in 1819, it was named in honor of Kentucky Governor Isaac Shelby. The county seat is Memphis. The zip codes in Shelby County are 37501, 38103, 38101, 38105, 38104, 38107, 38106, 38109, 38108, 38111, 38112, 38115, 38114, 38117, 38116, 38119, 38118, 38122, 38120, 38125, 38127, 38126, 38128, 38131, 38133, 38132, 38135, 38134, 38139, 38138, 38141, 38148, 38157, 38152, 38193, 38004, 38002, 38014, 38017, 38016, 38018, 38028, 38029, and 38053.

James Coleman is the Director of the Shelby County Correctional Center. You can reach him at (901) 377-4500 or via email at [email protected]. Wayne Mashburn serves as the Shelby County Clerk. His office is responsible for issuing vehicle licenses, notary public commissions, and marriage licenses; collecting Liquor by the Drink taxes; swearing in deputy sheriffs; and selling business licenses. You can get in touch with him at [email protected].

Shelby County Correctional Center:

Address: 1045 Mullins Station Rd., Memphis, TN 38134

Phone: (901) 222-8500

Fax: (901) 377-8581

Inmate Search in Shelby County Jail

The Shelby County Correctional Center has an online roster of inmates currently incarcerated in the facility. You can use use an inmate’s first name, last name, and date of birth to locate an inmate within the database. You can use the following identifiers to search the system: the inmate’s booking number, permanent number, or state ID. Once the results are shown, you will be able to see the inmate’s full name, booking number, permanent ID, and date of birth. Clicking on an inmate’s name allows you to view the inmate’s booking photo, physical description, citizenship, ethnicity, current housing information, commitment date, alias information, detainer information, bond information, charge information, and hearing information (i.e. court dates).

Important Jail Policies and Procedures:

Inmates at the Shelby County Correctional Center are allowed to visit with friends and family. All visitors are required to print and complete the Visitation Application form. You can download the form here. For additional information about visitations, please contact the SCDC at (901) 222-8878, 901-222-6523 or (901) 222-8879.

Inmates are also allowed to receive mail while incarcerated. All incoming mail must be addressed as follows:

Inmate’s Name and R&I

Division of Correction

1045 Mullins Station Rd.

Memphis, TN 38134

Make sure to include the sender’s full name and complete address. Mail that is not properly addressed will be returned to the sender unopened. All incoming mail is opened and checked for contraband. Restrictions for incoming mail are as follows:

  • Inmates may only receive four magazines or books at a time and may not receive more than 10 photographs at any one time.
  • No stamps, envelopes, blank sheets of paper, newspaper clippings, or items from the internet are allowed in mail sent to inmates.

To deposit money into an inmate’s account, you can do one of the following:

  1. Mail cashier’s checks, money orders, certified checks, federal government checks and correctional facility inmate trust fund checks to an inmate. Checks and money orders must be made payable to the inmate. The Record and Identification Number (RNI), depositor’s name and address must also be included on the cashier’s check or money order. No personal checks will be accepted.
  2. Deposit money using the lobby kiosk located in the K-Building on the Main Compound (open 24/7) and in F-Building Lobby (available until 6:00 P.M. daily). You can use cash or credit/debit card. You need to have the inmate’s RNI and the Shelby County Division of Corrections (SCDOC) Facility Locator Number 238134 to deposit money to an inmate’s account for all lobby transactions.
  3. You can visit http://www.touchpaydirect.com/. The RNI and the SCDOC Facility Locator Number 238134 is required for all internet transactions.
  4. You can call 1-866-232-1899. You will need the RNI and the SCDOC Facility Locator Number 238134.

Sex Offender Search and Lookup:

According to the law, sex offenders must be registered in the state and national sex offender registry to help increase public safety and awareness. A sex offender is someone who has been found guilty of committing a crime involving sex such as rape, child pornography, and child molestation. Everyone can access https://www.tn.gov/tbi/section/tennessee-sex-offender-registry if they wish to find out if any sex offenders are residing in Shelby County or other areas in Tennessee. Please note that not all offenders obey the registration law. This means that you may encounter entries in the registry that are no longer accurate such as residential addresses.  

Bail and Bondsman

Bail is the money or property that is required by the court as a form of collateral to ensure that a defendant will return to court when his trial begins once he or she is released from custody/jail. If he or she misses a court appearance, the bail is revoked and forfeited.

If the defendant doesn’t have enough money or property to use for posting bail, he or she can get a bondsman to post bail on his/her behalf. The bondsman charges 10% of the bail amount as his fee which cannot be refunded.

Contact the Shelby County Public Defender
Public defender’s provide: counsel upon arrest, representation during criminal investigative proceedings, interviewing witnesses, arrange bail, conduct pretrial discovery, withdraw pleas, suppression of evidence motions, jury selection, opening statements, legal research, and more
Name:Shelby County Public Defender
Address:201 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38103
Shelby County Probation Department
Probation officers hold offenders accountable by ensuring that financial restitution is being paid to victims and community service is completed. The probation department provides warrant searches, sex offender lookups, DWI conviction information, adult or youth misdemeanor and felony offense records.
Office:Shelby County Probation Department
Location:201 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38103
Shelby County Jail Statistics
Number of Persons Confined2747
Avg Daily Population2680
Name of new facilitynot applicable
Full time payroll670
Full time total employees670
Total salaries and wagesnot applicable
Other operating expendituresnot applicable
Total construction costsnot applicable
Equipment, furnishings, etcnot applicable
Year of original constructionnot applicable
Year of major renovationnot applicable
Name of new facilitynot applicable


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