Finding the right lawyer for you can be complicated and often times result in a disastrous expense, if you do not know what are the essential items that you should consider when hiring one. While it is not a requirement for anyone to get a lawyer, it is still best to have someone to guide you through the complex legal system and helps you explain and protect your legal rights. If you have been arrested for a certain offense, especially if it is a criminal charge, getting someone to help you legally is essential. How do you get a better chance to hire an attorney that will more effectively help you get through the process?

Below are some vital factors that you have to consider:

Get Recommendations
When you are choosing the right lawyer, it is not wise to just get whoever that you bump to the first time. Ask within your circle of relatives, colleagues, and friends if they have any connections with lawyers that are known to have handled cases like yours. Hiring someone you or your friends know is useful to find the most reputable one. Working with an attorney that you can trust is important in order for the working relationship to be effective. After all, you have to inform your lawyer all the details of the situation, otherwise, he won’t be able to absolutely defend you if you’re not completely laying all the cards on the table.

Widen Your Options
You can start looking for an attorney through a local bar association in your area by accessing Lawyer Referral Directory. You can also get some legal information and ideas about available legal services by browsing through Once you have come up with a list of prospects, you can funnel down your choices for at least three lawyers, and make sure to check their credentials through the State Bar’s website and see if your case is one of their specialties.

Get Someone That You Can Afford
Don’t get intimidated with the known expensive fees on getting an attorney. You have a handful of options to get a public defender or apply to get a Pro Bono lawyer. A public defender can represent and defend you in court as any private lawyer does, and if you’re facing criminal charges, upon eligibility, you can definitely avail their services. On the other hand, a Pro Bono lawyer represents his clients free of charge, and most of the law firms require a certain number of hours to complete by their associates annually. In order to request for free services, you have to be eligible for the program, which is usually based on your income brackets.

Your Attorney’s Expertise
Gauging your attorney’s expertise is one of the most crucial parts of finding who is the right fit for you and your case. You will be able to measure someone’s capability by asking some pertinent questions in connection with his services, such as:

1. Have you handled a similar case like mine and how was the result?
2. Can you tell me how long have you been practicing your profession?
3. Basing from all the pertinent information about my case, what may be the worst situation that can happen? How do I win this case?
4. How do you charge and approximately how much will it cost me to hire you?

There are absolutely ample ways to get someone represent you in court, and help you exercise and protect your legal rights, and the costs and other intimidating factors should not stop you from getting one. Hiring the right attorney to help you get through the process is necessary, especially when facing criminal charges, and it is important to note that you should never represent yourself alone in the court.