Getting legal advice can be a challenge if you’re short on budget and surely, you know that you will get intimidated with the hefty attorney’s fees. If you are in this situation, it’s important to know that you’re not alone, in fact, inability to get legal services due to poverty has been a worldwide crisis.

When we get into trouble, or we have a dilemma that involves legality, we usually shy away from seeking legal advice, because we know that we cannot shell-out bulk of dollars for it, and we often end up taking wrong choices, simply because we were not informed about what we should legally do in certain circumstances.

Let me tell you that there is a handful of ways to get a legal advice or information that you need via phone call. Legal help is being extended and supported by government agencies and non-profit legal organizations with the mission to offer legal information and assistance to those who really need it. Most of the legal help programs are categorized depending on your case, so it is vital to locate which hotline are you going to contact for assistance.

So, go on and check how you can start taking a better path legally without breaking the bank.

Solution #1 The American Bar Association

Service Hotline: 800-285-2221 and 312-988-5000, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET

The ABA’s (American Bar Association) part of commitment is to serve equally the public, and they offer a comprehensive reference for free legal aid programs, as this is viewed as a right of every American who are charged with criminal offenses. You can contact them to get referrals to local legal aid offices in your area. An ample number of bar organizations offer a referral service, and that would include an in-phone free legal consultation with an attorney.

The organization’s guide to finding free help discusses the following vital information:
– Eligibility for Free Lawyer
– Definition of a Legal Service and a Legal Aid Office
– Definition of Pro Bono Program
– Scope of a Legal Hotline
– Other Sources of Free Legal Help
– Other Alternatives to Free Legal Help Services
– Federal Poverty Guidelines

Solution #2 Your Local State Bar Association

Service Hotline: United States Pro Bono Legal Services (click the link for each State’s available hotline)

Wherever you are currently residing, you can contact your local State Bar Association in your area to get free legal advice and be referred to the appropriate legal services that you can be eligible. The organization also has Pro Bono Legal Services that you can check for eligibility (link shown above). A Pro Bono Legal Service is a program comprised of volunteer lawyers to extend help to those below the federal poverty line and are willing to help seek justice for free, or for the low-income individuals. Notice that for each state has its own free clinic being offered to the public, mostly grouped per type of case that you are involved with.

Solution #3 Legal Services Corporation

Service Hotline: 202-295-1500 or send an inquiry online

LSC (Legal Service Corporation) is a nonprofit organization which was established by The Congress of United States back in 1974 which has the ultimate mission to provide civil legal aid to Americans who are considered low-income earners. Currently, there are 134 independent and non-profit legal aid association that are distributed in all states and U.S. Territories, and can definitely assist you with your legal need by the state through their Legal Aid Program
For free access to legal information and forms, the organization also offers which provides referrals for public law offices, local legal aids, basic legal rights information, self-help and court information, social agencies and several legal forms.

Solution #4 The Legal Aid Society

Service Hotlines
o Homeless Family Rights Hotline: 1 (800) 649-9125
o Employment Law Project Hotline: 1 (888) 218-6974
o Immigration Law Unit Hotline:(212) 577-3456
o Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic Hotline: (212) 426-3013

The Legal Aid Society is a non-profit legal services organization which is owned privately, which has been publicly serving since 1876, who is committed to providing quality legal representation to New York residents which are low-income earners. As part of the mission statement of The Legal Aid Society, “No New Yorker should be denied access to justice because of poverty”.

The LAS (Legal Aid Society) has been offering legal services for Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Rights. We are aware that the service for criminal and juvenile practices only are mandated and supported by the U.S. Government, but for LAS, huge private contributions have been extended even for civil practices. They also have a legal information which you can access online about each of the legal practices offered.