In the central part of the Pacific Ocean is a group of volcanic islands called Hawaii. Honolulu is the capital city of what became a U.S. territory in 1898. From San Francisco, California, the islands lie westward at a distance of 2,397 miles. A plantation system for growing pineapples and sugarcane was established and expanded in the islands since the time the United States made Hawaii a territory. The American naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, was invaded and attacked by hundreds of fighter planes belonging to the Japanese army on December 7, 1941, resulting in a casualty of more than 2,000 American soldiers that made the United States become involved in World War II. It was on August 21, 1959, that Hawaii became the United States’ 50th state.

There are only five counties in Hawaii, which enjoy a better status than the ones on the mainland as they are the only government bodies that are legally constituted. This means that counties in Hawaii can collect user fees and property taxes to support police, fire extermination services, road maintenance, ambulance, community activities, and parks. It was in 1905 when these counties were created, seven years after Hawaii became an American territory.

The judicial system in Hawaii has a unified court process that falls under one head administrator, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Hawaii. Other judicial courts include the Intermediate Court of Appeals, the District Courts, the Office of the Administrative Director of the Courts, Land Court, Family Courts, Circuit Courts, and the Tax Appeal Courts. The final decisions on appeals coming from the lower courts are made by the highest court of the state, which is the Supreme Court.

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