On the northeastern side of the United States is Connecticut, one of the six New England states and a member of the original 13 colonies. When the 19th century rolled in, the state’s industries veered towards manufacturing of machines and textiles, although it started as an agricultural community. The manufacture of guns and other weapons is also a leading industry, due to the fact that Samuel Colt and Eli Whitney called this state home. Connecticut today is a huge urban and industrial state on the Atlantic coast and bordered to the south by Long Island Sound, to the north by Massachusetts, to the west by New York, and to the east by Rhode Island. The capital city is Hartford, and the area may be the third smallest of the nation, but it is also one of the most populated. It became one of the states of the United States of America on January 9, 1788, and derived its name from an Algonquian version of ‘land on the long tidal river’.

There is no government structure connection to the eight counties that divide Connecticut since October 1, 1960, when all county governments were abolished by the Connecticut General Assembly. Until the year 2000, sheriffs were continued in the counties, but they were likewise abolished when a 2000 ballot issue passed to replace sheriffs with state marshals.

Six associate justices and a chief justice compose the highest court of the state which is the Supreme Court. The justices can retain their posts and opt for senior status as long as they have not reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 years and are still eligible. The cases filed are heard and decided by a panel of five justices. In the instance of important cases, the chief justice may summon an en banc full court of seven justices.

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The purpose and specifics of the Offender Search Web Page in each state varies. Read the disclosures carefully. Updates to the database could be biweekly, monthly and daily depending on the states Corrections Department schedule. Some searches show offenders incarcerated in the entire prison system including county jails and some only state prisons. Sometimes historical offender data is available and sometimes only current inmate records are listed. Youth and adult offenders are sometimes located on separate search portals.

State Offender Search: http://www.ctinmateinfo.state.ct.us/

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