Virginia has the honor of being one of the original United States after the colonies’ revolution against England. It has a very rich history, as one of the first settlements in the United States before it was a nation, was at Jamestown in 1607. The territory was a huge asset to the Revolution, as it was the birthplace of George Washington and many of the other founding fathers who played key roles in the war and birth of the United States. The state was also very important to the Civil War, as it was in the Confederacy and its capital, Richmond, was a vital stop for many troops.

There are 95 counties in the entire state of Virginia, as well as 38 cities which function independently as county-equivalents. There are more counties in Virginia that are named after women than in any other state in the country. A number of counties were named after people or places in England.

There are three branches of government in Virginia, as with the Federal government, that look to uphold all of the laws of the Constitution, both state wide and federal. Because the state borders Washington D.C. just across the Potomac River, it is close enough that many federal government agencies can have their headquarters in Virginia, while easily having the nation’s capital close enough for anything they may need.

The law of the land is upheld by the Supreme Court of Virginia. It is actually one of the oldest legal and justice systems that still exists in the United States. It generally deals with direct appeals in civil cases from the city and county circuit courts. They also will deal with some criminal law, family law, and administrative law cases that are usually appealed to the Court of Appeals of Virginia.

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