Vermont has a rich history of different settlements throughout its history. It was settled by both the French and the English before it was inducted into the nation as a state in 1791. Vermont actually wanted to break away from the Colonies during the Revolutionary War, and declared itself the Republic of New Connecticutt, making it one of only four states with such a history. Six months later, the name was changed to Vermont. It was later inducted as the 14th state, after almost 14 years of independence.

Thanks to its mountainous terrain, Vermont got its name from the French phrase for “green mountain”. The state itself is known for the wonderful Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company, as well as being the country’s leading producer of maple syrup. The state is also a huge destination for skiers and those who love the mountains.

There are 14 counties in Vermont, with two of them being original counties dating back to 1779; these are Windham County and Bennington County. Interestingly, the county seats in Vermont are not called county seats, but instead are known as shire towns.

The state government of Vermont is modeled after that of the government of the United States, and the Constitution of the state is the absolute highest law of the land. The governor and members of the General Assembly serve two year terms, and they have no term limits.

In Vermont, the Supreme Court has five justices. Justices are appointed to 6 year terms by the governor. Appointments are confirmed by the Senate, and justices are retained by vote of the General Assebly. Vermont’s court system was the first in the Union to legally recognize same sex civil unions, making it one for the history books.

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