During the American Revolution, one of the original 13 colonies served as a vital battleground, which is none other than New Jersey. Today, the state holds the highest population density of any American state because of its location, which is in the center of a busy Atlantic passageway between Pennsylvania and New York. The English Channel’s island of Jersey was the inspiration for the name of the state. The state is one of the top tourist draws because of its coastline that is long and beautiful, dotted with 50 resort towns found on the seaside such as Cape May, Asbury Park, and Atlantic City. The musical legacy of the state is something they can be proud of with the likes of musical greats such as Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and Jon Bon Jovi. The top producer of tomatoes, cranberries, and blueberries, New Jersey is nicknamed the ‘Garden State’, even when it is also renowned as an industrial hub.

New Jersey has 21 counties that include 565 administrative entities or municipalities that have territories that are clearly defined, 4 villages, 250 boroughs, 244 townships, 15 towns, and 52 cities. The county is the local government between the municipalities and the state. Most of the county names come from colonial or revolutionary leaders or from places in England.

The statewide appellate jurisdiction and trial in New Jersey are the Superior Court. There are three divisions in the Superior Court: the Chancery and Law Division have the function of a trial court, while the intermediate appellate court functions as the Appellate Division.

The governor appoints Superior Court judges, who are confirmed in their positions by the State Senate. The position has an initial tenure of seven years, and a judge can earn tenure terms until mandatory retirement at age 70, if he or she receives reappointment before his or her initial term expires.

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The purpose and specifics of the Offender Search Web Page in each state varies. Read the disclosures carefully. Updates to the database could be biweekly, monthly and daily depending on the states Corrections Department schedule. Some searches show offenders incarcerated in the entire prison system including county jails and some only state prisons. Sometimes historical offender data is available and sometimes only current inmate records are listed. Youth and adult offenders are sometimes located on separate search portals.

State Offender Search: https://www20.state.nj.us/DOC_Inmate/inmatefinder?i=I

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