It was in 1837 when the Wolverine State, Michigan, joined the union. The Lower and Upper Peninsulas are the two land masses that comprise the state as it lies in the Great Lakes’ center. One of the longest suspension bridges in the world, spanning five miles, is the Mackinac Bridge that links the upper peninsula of Michigan to the rest of the state. The auto industry and Motown Records call Detroit home, which is also the biggest city of Michigan. The capital city of the state is Lansing.

The boundaries of Michigan’s 83 counties have remained largely unchanged since 1897. Prior to that, there were frequent boundary adjustments in an attempt to establish governance over territories that were not organized. Many villages and cities lie in two counties, including Lansing, the capital city of the state. These split cities were briefly given authority during the early 1970s to make changes in county boundaries to accommodate the boundaries of the city. New Baltimore, previously divided between St. Clair County and Macomb County, was the only city to take advantage of this authority, transferring completely to Macomb.

Michigan’s court system is composed of the Supreme Court of Michigan, the intermediate appellate court which is the Court of Appeals of Michigan, two primary trial courts which are the district courts and the circuit courts, and numerous specialized courts and administrative courts. All the courts are under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, composed of seven justices who are elected to staggered terms of eight years. Judge of the appellate court is also an elected post for a period of six years, with the Governor having the power to appoint a candidate should a vacancy arise before elections are held.

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