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South Bend Community Re-Entry Center (SBRC), South Bend County, Indiana Overview

The South Bend Community Re-Entry Center is a medium-security state prison for adult males located in Parke County, Indiana, under contract with the Indiana Department of Correction. Rockville Correctional Facility first opened in 1975 and the facility had an average capacity of 1000 inmates.


Charles Bowen
4650 Old Cleveland Road
South Bend IN, 46628
Phone: (574) 234-4094
Fax: (574) 234-1356

Capacity: 150

Visitation Hours:

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 9:00a.m.-11:00a.m. and 1:00p.m -3:00p.m.
Monday through Friday: 11:00a.m.-1:00p.m.

Visitation Policies:

  1. In order to visit an offender, the visitor must be on the offender’s visitors’ list.
  2. Visitors enter Department Facilities and the visiting areas at their own risk. The Department of Correction will assume no liability for any injuries or damage or loss of property as a result of a person entering a visiting area or any other area within a facility.
  3. All visitors entering a Department of Correction facility shall be minimally subject to a modified frisk search by staff which shall include the breast and groin area being physically searched.
  4. Visitors must register with staff prior to entering the visiting area.
  5. Visitors will be required to sign the entry log and be approved for the visit before they will be allowed to enter the visiting area.
  6. All visitors who are 16 years old or more shall be required to show a picture identification. All visitors must present a valid identification each time they visit. The only form of identification accepted by the DOC is; a valid driver’s license from the state of residence, a valid state photo identification card from the state of residence, a valid photo military identification card (active duty only), and a valid passport.
  7. Visitors under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times while on facility grounds.
  8. Visitors shall wear clothing that poses no threat to the security, custody or maintenance of order at the facility.
  9. Visitors shall not be permitted to possess or carry the following items into the visiting area: Firearms, weapons, knives, ammunition, narcotics, medication, etc.
  10. Each visit shall be permitted to bring up to $ 20.00 total (coins only) into the visiting area to be used to purchase items from vending machines for themselves and the offender to be consumed during the visit.
  11. Visitors shall be asked whether they are or have been committed to the Department of Correction.
  12. Visitors shall be asked whether they are current or past employees of the Department of Correction.
  13. Offenders who have “contact” visits may embrace (hug) and kiss at the beginning and at the end of the visit. During the visit, the only contact permitted is holding hands.
  14. Offenders who have been convicted of sex crimes involving persons under the age of 18 years old may be denied visitation with any persons under the age of 18 years old.
  15. The giving or receiving of any item(s) to/from an offender without the prior approval of staff shall be considered trafficking.

Deposit/Commissary Accounts:

  1. Trust Fund Account – This is an offender’s commissary account! Put money here for food, hygiene, and property items.
  2. AdvancePay Phone Account – If you want your offender to call only you, you can place money in this account for pre-paid phone minutes. You can also sign up for text alerts to reload this account, so you never miss a call.
  3. PIN Debit Phone Account – This is for your offender to make phone calls to persons on his/her call list.
  4. Debit Link Account – This is for messaging, as well as services that will be coming in the future, such as subscriptions for music, movies, and books. $1.00 will get you 100 link units.
  5. Message Link Account – If you want to send money for messages only, this is the account. You can add a video or photo to your messages – but don’t expect them back, as offenders can’t send photos or videos. $.27 = 1 credit = 1 message or photo. Video = $.81 = 3 credits.
  6. Video Visitation Account – See your loved one’s face! With no travel required. You can even do video visits with your phone now! You’ll still also have to set up your video visitation account, but this is the account for money to fund your video visits. 10 minutes = $3.30; 25 minutes = $8.25.

Inmate Mailing Address:
South Bend Community Re-entry Center
4650 Old Cleveland Road,
South Bend IN, 46628
Phone: (574) 234-4094

South Bend Community Re-entry Center
4650 Old Cleveland Road,
South Bend IN, 46628
Phone: (574) 234-4094

Security Level: Minimum
Type(s) of offenders: Adult Men

Send Money to an Inmate:


Toll-free Phone:
Advance Pay: 800-483-8314
PIN Debit: 855-706-2445
Trust: 888-988-4768

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Incarceration/Sentence Information:
Date of Sentence, Description, Term in Years / Months / Days, Type of Conviction, Indiana Citation Code, Cause Number, County of Conviction, Projected Release Date.

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