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Pendleton Correctional Facility (PCF), Pendleton County, Indiana Overview

Pendleton Correctional Facility is a privately run (but state-owned) prison located in Pendleton, Indiana, United States. It opened in 1923. The facility is rated as medium-to-maximum security. It is currently the second-largest prison in Indiana and can hold approximately 1,800 inmates.


Dushan Zatecky
4490 W. Reformatory Rd.,
Pendleton, IN 46064-9001
Phone: (765) 778-2107

Duane Alsip, Deputy Warden
Email: [email protected]

Capacity: 1,800

Visitation Hours:

Dorm 1
Tuesday: 6:30 pm-8:30 pm (2hour visit) and Saturday: 7:30am-10am (2 hour visits), and 12:30-3pm (1 hour visits)

Dorm 2
Thursday: 6:30pm-8:30 pm (2 hour visit) and Sunday: 7:30am-10am (2 hour visits), and 12:30-3pm (1 hour visits)

Visitation Policies:

  1. Authorization for Minors to Visit
  2. Birth Certificate (certified copy will be permitted)
  3. Approval letter for former offenders or IDOC employees to visit with family members
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Attorney Bar Card
  6. Signed documentation from medical provider for metal detector exemption (must be verified by facility)
  7. Failure to provide the original or certified copy will result in denial of the visitation.

Deposit/Commissary Accounts:

  1. Trust Fund Account – This is an offender’s commissary account! Put money here for food, hygiene, and property items.
  2. AdvancePay Phone Account – If you want your offender to call only you, you can place money in this account for pre-paid phone minutes. You can also sign up for text alerts to reload this account, so you never miss a call.
  3. PIN Debit Phone Account – This is for your offender to make phone calls to persons on his/her call list.
  4. Debit Link Account – This is for messaging, as well as services that will be coming in the future, such as subscriptions for music, movies, and books. $1.00 will get you 100 link units.
  5. Message Link Account – If you want to send money for messages only, this is the account. You can add a video or photo to your messages – but don’t expect them back, as offenders can’t send photos or videos. $.27 = 1 credit = 1 message or photo. Video = $.81 = 3 credits.
  6. Video Visitation Account – See your loved one’s face! With no travel required. You can even do video visits with your phone now! You’ll still also have to set up your video visitation account, but this is the account for money to fund your video visits. 10 minutes = $3.30; 25 minutes = $8.25.

Inmate Mailing Address:
Pendleton Correctional Facility
4490 W. Reformatory Rd.
Pendleton, IN 46064
Phone: (765) 778-2107

Pendleton Correctional Facility
4490 W. Reformatory Rd.
Pendleton, IN 46064
Phone: (765) 778-2107

Security Level: Medium-To-Maximum
Type(s) of offenders: Adult Males

Send Money to an Inmate:


Toll-free Phone:
Advance Pay: 800-483-8314
PIN Debit: 855-706-2445
Trust: 888-988-4768

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Incarceration/Sentence Information:
Date of Sentence, Description, Term in Years / Months / Days, Type of Conviction, Indiana Citation Code, Cause Number, County of Conviction, Projected Release Date.

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