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Wilkes County Jail Overview

Wilkes County is a county in the U.S. state of Georgia. Founded in 1771, Wilkes County was named in honor of John Wilkes, a British Member of Parliament who was a supporter of American independence. The county seat is Washington. The county has a land area of 471 sq miles. The zip codes of Wilkes County are 30668 and 30673.
The Sheriff and main lawman of Wilkes County is currently Sheriff Mark A. Moore. He can be called at 706-678-2224.
Sheriff’s Department in Washington, Georgia

225 Andrew Drive
Washington, GA 30673
Phone: 706-678-2224

Inmate Search in Wilkes County Jail

The Wilkes County Jail does not have an online inmate feature. To search or inquire about an inmate, visit or call the jail directly.

Visitation Hours

Male Inmates
Friday and Saturday: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Female Inmates
Friday and Saturday: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

A person convicted of crimes or offenses that involve sex such as rape, sexual assault or abuse, molestation, and production of child pornography is a sex offender. Sex offenders are also called “sex abusers.” Other sex-related crimes are prostitution, sex trafficking, Incest, sodomy, bestiality, and genital mutilation. All sex offenders are required to get registered with the state or county’s sex offender register; otherwise, they may be charged with a felony. It is done so that the state can monitor and impose restrictions on their movements or activities.

Bail and Bondsman

If you have been arrested in Georgia on a state felony or misdemeanor charge and have a bond set, there are four ways to post bond for your release such as signature bond, cash bond, property bond, and bonding agency. Posting bond allows the defendant to leave jail while ensuring to show up to answer all charges at future court dates. If the defendant who posted bond does not show up, a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

In Georgia, the percentage a bonding agency can charge is higher than the national average of 10%. In Georgia, 12% to 15% is commonplace when it comes to the non-refundable fee amount a bonding agency will ask for their services. There are other agencies that provide lending services if the defendant does not have the money required for the bonding agency fee. Collateral such as property or vehicle is commonly used.

Applicable Statutes

A. Code of Georgia Title 17
Criminal Procedure Chapter 6
Bonds and Recognizance Article 2
Sureties Part 2
Professional Bondsmen

B. Code of Georgia Title 17
Criminal Procedure Chapter 6
Bonds and Recognizance Article 2
Sureties Part 1
General Provisions

C. Code of Georgia Title 17
Criminal Procedure Chapter 6
Bonds and Recognizance Article 3
Proceedings for Forfeiture of Bonds or Recognizances

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