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DeKalb County Jail Overview

DeKalb County is a county in the U.S. state of Georgia. The county seat is Decatur. DeKalb County is named in honor of “Baron” Johann DeKalb, a German who was the inspector general of the Colonial Army. DeKalb County was established in 1822. The county has a land area of 268 sq miles. The zip codes of DeKalb County are 30322, 30002, 30329, 30338, 30341, 30021, 30345, 30346, 30030, 30032, 30031, 30034, 30033, 30036, 30035, 30038, 30058, 30074, 30072, 30079, 30083, 30086, 30085, 30088, 30288, 30294, and 30317.

The Sheriff and main lawman of DeKalb County is currently Jeffrey L. Mann. He can be called at 404.298.8100.

Sheriff’s Department in Decatur, Georgia
DeKalb County Jail
4425 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032
Phone: 404.298.8100

Inmate Search in DeKalb County Jail

The DeKalb County Jail website has an inmate search feature. Inmates can be filtered out via their First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Sex, Age, Alias, Race, Primary Charge, Booking Date, and Booking Agency, Bonding Agency and Arresting Officer.

Important Jail Policies and Procedures

The DeKalb County Jail only offers video visitations. All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list both for on-site or remote video visitation services. On-site visitations are free, but remote visitations require a fee. Approved visitors are allowed only one visit per week. Appointments should be made 24 hours in advance and can be done online by visiting the Securus Tech website or by coming into the jail. Appointments cannot be made over the phone. Visitations, both on-site and remote, are limited to30 minutes. All visitors must show a valid state or government-issued photo identification card, such as an official driver’s license, a passport, or a military identification card before being allowed into the visitation lobby. Appropriate dress is required to visit the inmates. Tobacco, mobile phones or other electronic devices are not permitted inside the facility.

Visitation Hours

8:00 A.M.-11:45 A.M.
4:00 P.M.-9:50 P.M.

Working at the DeKalb County Jail or Sheriff’s Office

Title: Deputy Sheriff
Department: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office
Annual Salary: $38,151.00 (Monthly – $3,171.25)


Conduct investigations to determine location/locate individuals named in criminal and civil papers; Serve felony and misdemeanor warrants; arrest individuals named in warrants; transport prisoners to county jail or to mental institutions; enforce all the rules and regulations of the courtroom and jail, and maintain safety and security of the general public, facility staff, and county inmates;

Transport inmates to and from court; provide safety and security during transport; guard prisoners in court; maintain order and security in courtrooms; search witnesses and the public for weapons; supply inmates with meals; ensure medical attention, and perform other duties as required.


A high school diploma or GED
Must be a U.S. citizen and 21 years of age or older
A valid Georgia driver’s license and must pass Georgia P.O.S.T. certification as a law enforcement officer
2 years of experience as a law enforcement officer

Title: Detention Officer
Department: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office
Annual Salary: $35,031.00 (Monthly – $2,919.25) (with a 4yr degree)/$33,363.00 (Monthly – $2,780.25) (no degree)


Maintain records; administer fingerprints; search inmates; assign inmate quarters; supervise inmates’ cleaning activities; supervise the feeding of inmates; process incoming jail inmates by taking accurate and classifiable fingerprints; photographs, and personal history; collect, inventory, and store inmate personal belongings, and maintain personal hygiene/cleaning supplies and bedding of inmates.

Observe security monitors to watch inmate movement; supervise inmates during visitation, recreation dining, etc; respond to questions, complaints, and requests for information by telephone or in person from inmates, the general public, court personnel, medical staff, attorneys, supervisors, etc; conduct periodic security inspections and searches of inmates’ living quarters, and perform other duties as required.


A high school diploma or GED and 20 years of age or older
Must be a U.S. citizen and have a valid Georgia driver’s license
Must not have any Felony or Domestic Violence conviction(s) or any charges and a pattern of multiple misdemeanors

Sex Offender Search and Lookup

Any person convicted of sex-related crimes such as rape, prostitution, sexual assault, child pornography, sex trafficking, and sexual abuse is a sex offender. Sex offenders are required to get registered with the state or county’s sex offender register. Those who don’t register with the state may be charged with a felony.

Bail and Bondsman

A bail bond is a written promise to appear in court at the scheduled time and date, as ordered by the court, to answer the criminal charges which resulted in the arrest.

The actual bail bond document is signed by the Defendant (the arrested person) and the Surety (the person who posted the cash bond and/or the person whose name is on the cash bond receipt) to ensure that a criminal defendant will appear in court. The bail amount is set by the court.

If a bail bond is allowed, an arrested person can “post bond” and “bail out” of jail (avoid being jailed during the period before trial). A bail bond is forfeited if the defendant does not appear at all appointed court hearings.

A bond can be posted by the arrested person, family member, friend, or through a professional bonding company’s bail bond agent.

Non-refundable Fees

The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is required by state law to charge a $20.00 non-refundable fee on all bonds. Professional bonding companies are authorized by law to charge 12% of bonds set in the amount of $10,000 or less, and 15% of bonds set over the amount of $10,000. This is compensation as surety on criminal bonds. The fee is only refundable in the event that a professional bonding company surrenders the defendant “off-bond” of its own choice prior to the court date.

These are the options for posting bonds:

Cash Bond
Professional Bonding Company
Property Bond

Cash Bonds
A cash bond is the total face value of the bond, plus required penalties, in cash. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office will accept only the following as cash bond: cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks, US Postal Service or Western Union Money Orders, and United States currency. The Sheriff’s Office does NOT accept personal checks for a cash bond.

Professional Bonding Company
Professional bonding companies provide “bail bond agents” who can post the full amount of the bond in exchange for a non-refundable fee. The names of Professional Bonding Companies authorized to do business in DeKalb County are listed on this website, posted in the DeKalb County Jail lobby and in the bail bonding office at the Jail. The Sheriff’s Office makes no recommendations concerning the use of professional bonding companies.

Property Bond
Property Bonds for persons held in the DeKalb County Jail are executed and approved at the Jail, subject to the following conditions:

All parties listed as Owner(s) on the Property Deed must be present to sign the Bond and Property Affidavit, unless one of the persons can produce a legally executed Power of Attorney authorizing the person to sign a property bond on behalf of the owner. If one of the listed owners is deceased, the owner present must produce the original or certified copy of the Probate Court document identifying the owner(s). The document must also show that the property has cleared probate with the disputed claims of ownership.
Owner(s) must present a state-issued identification (ID) card or driver’s license to verify their identity.
Owner(s) must provide a certified copy of the Warranty or other legally filed and recorded Deed (except security deeds).
Owner(s) must provide the current year Property Tax Statement.
Owner(s) must provide a copy of the recent Mortgage statement or certified copy of Cancellation of Security Deed. If the property is paid for, owner(s) must provide a copy of the money transfer statement along with a copy of the cancelled check pertaining to the sale of the property.
Other Applicable Fees Include: a) A Non-refundable Property Bond Fee of $20 for each property bond form prepared by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office. This excludes bond forms prepared in other jurisdictions and bond forms for signature bonds; b) A Non-refundable Property Affidavit Fee of $7.50. Fees are collected in cash.

Contact the DeKalb County Public Defender
Public defender’s provide: counsel upon arrest, representation during criminal investigative proceedings, interviewing witnesses, arrange bail, conduct pretrial discovery, withdraw pleas, suppression of evidence motions, jury selection, opening statements, legal research, and more
Name:DeKalb County Public Defender
Address:120 West Trinity Place, Decatur, Georgia, 30030
Hours:Not available
DeKalb County Probation Department
Probation officers hold offenders accountable by ensuring that financial restitution is being paid to victims and community service is completed. The probation department provides warrant searches, sex offender lookups, DWI conviction information, adult or youth misdemeanor and felony offense records.
Office:Dekalb County Probation Department
Location:556 North McDonough Street, Decatur, Georgia, 30030
Dekalb County Jail Statistics
Number of Persons Confined2762
Avg Daily Population2897
Name of new facilitynot applicable
Full time payroll766
Full time total employees766
Total salaries and wages40616279
Other operating expenditures21057612
Total construction costsnot applicable
Equipment, furnishings, etcnot applicable
Year of original constructionnot applicable
Year of major renovationnot applicable
Name of new facilitynot applicable


DeKalb County Unemployment and Median Household Income
Civilian Labor Force Annual Average, 2016384,723
Number Employed Annual Average, 2016364,065
Number Unemployed Annual Average, 201620,658
Unemployment Rate, 20165.4
Median Household Income Annual Average, 201553,994
Sources: Unemployment – Bureau of Labor Statistics LAUS data, Median Household Income – Census Bureau SAIPE data, Rural Classifications – USDA Economic Research Service
DeKalb County Poverty Data
Estimate of People of All Ages In Poverty 2014128,675
Estimate Percentage of People of All Ages In Poverty 201517.8
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Model-based Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE)

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