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Banks County, GA Court System Information

Banks County is a county located in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2010 census, the population was 18,395. The county seat is Homer. The Old Banks County Courthouse is located in Homer and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A new county courthouse was constructed adjacent to the old one in 1983.

Court District

Banks County is located within the Piedmont Judicial Circuit of the Superior Court 10th District.

Banks County, GA Court Overview

The following courts are located in Banks County, Georgia. This list is not meant to be comprehensive and only lists courts with pages on Ballotpedia.

  1. 10th Superior Court District of Georgia
  2. Banks County Probate Court, Georgia
  3. Banks County Juvenile Court, Georgia
  4. Banks County Magistrate Court, Georgia

Visitation Information

Office Hours:
Office Hours: 8AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday

Physical Address:

Piedmont Circuit
Superior Court
Serves Banks County
144 Yonah-Homer Road
Homer, Georgia 30547
Phone: (706) 677-6282

Banks County Georgia Piedmont Circuit Court Judges

Piedmont Circuit Court Judges:

Chief Judge David Motes
652 Barrow Park Drive, Suite H
Winder,Georgia 30680
Phone: 770-307-3032
Fax: 770-307-3033

Currie M. Mingledorff, II
652 Barrow Park Drive, Suite H
Winder, Georgia 30680
Phone: 770-867-1162
Fax: 770-307-3033

Judge Joseph H. Booth
5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 330
Jefferson, GA 30549
Phone: 706-387-6392

Wayne McLocklin
5000 Jackson Parkway, Suite 330
Jefferson, GA 30549
Phone: 706-387-6392

Senior Judge T. Penn McWhorter
652 Barrow Park Drive
Winder, Georgia 30680
Phone: 770-307-2981
Fax: 770-307-3033

Senior Judge Robert W. Adamson
P.O. Box 1212
Winder, GA 30680
Phone: 770-307-1973
Fax: 770-307-1978


The Superior Courts of Georgia is a court of general jurisdiction handling both civil and criminal law actions. Superior Court Judges preside over cases involving misdemeanors, contract disputes, premises liability, and various other actions. In addition, the Superior Court has exclusive equity jurisdiction over all cases of divorce, title to land, and felonies involving jury trials, including death penalty cases.

Banks County Probate Court

Probate Judge

Helen Hewell, Judge of Probate Court
Banks County
Probate Court
144 Yonah-Homer Road
Suite 7
Homer, Georgia 30547
Phone: (706) 677-6250
Fax: (888) 679-7527
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Services and Responsibilities:

The Banks County Probate Court is responsible for handling:

  1. Administration of Estates
  2. Birth Certificates
  3. Custodian of All Records
  4. Death Certificates
  5. Firearms Licenses
  6. Guardianship
  7. Marriage Licenses
  8. Misdemeanor game and fish citations
  9. Misdemeanor traffic citations
  10. Probate Wills

Banks County, GA County Clerk of Court

Jenni Gailey, County Clerk
County Clerk of the Commission
150 Hudson Ridge
Suite 1
Homer, Georgia 30547
Phone: (706)677-6902
Hours: Mon. – Fri., 8:00am – 5:00pm

Erin Decker, Assistant County Clerk
Phone: (706)677-6800 Ext. 101

Services and Responsibilities:

The County Clerk’s office provides the professional link between citizens with their local governing bodies and agencies of government at other levels. The County Clerk is available to answer any questions you may have concerning your county government. The County Clerk is the Open Records Officer.

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