Beside the seaboard of the Middle Atlantic is the second smallest state, but one of the most highly populated in the nation, which is Delaware. The state is known for being the first out of the original 13 states to implement the federal Constitution.

Most of the state’s industries, as well as the general population, are concentrated in Wilmington which lies to the north because of the major coastal railways and highways that lead to the bordering states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. The state is named is for Thomas West, 3rd Baron of De La Warr, who was the first colonial governor of Virginia. Dover is the capital city of Delaware, where most operations of the state government can be found.

There are three counties that divide the state, which are Sussex, Castle, and Kent, comprising its boundaries from the south to the north. It was in the year 1682 when these counties were established, the fewest of any state in the nation. A legislative body called the Levy Court in Kent County and County Council in both Sussex and New Castle are elected by the population. The counties work independently and have control over building codes, garbage disposal, development and zoning, sewerage, and water supply, as well as the power to borrow money and raise taxes.

The judiciary system of Delaware is in the form of a pyramid composed of the Supreme Court, the Justice of the Peace Court, the Superior Court, the Court of Common Pleas, the Court of Chancery, the Family Court, and other judiciary agencies. The relationships among the courts make the Supreme Court the highest judicial body, with the Justice of the Peace Court as the lowest.

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