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Calipatria State Prison, Imperial County, California Overview

Calipatria State Prison is located in Calipatria, California, and was designed to hold 2,308 inmates, but regularly holds more than 2,900 inmates. This prison opened in 1992 and houses minimum- to maximum-security prisoners. The facility is located on approximately 1,200 acres. There are basic adult education programs, recreational programs, self-improvement programs, and vocational training programs available for inmates.


Warden: Warren L. Montgomery

Visitation Policies:

Inmates are responsible for sending applications for visitation to friends or family. An application must be filled out, and the inmate is responsible for notifying friends or family of approval. All inmates are eligible for visitation, unless that privilege has been suspended. Most general population inmates are allowed to have contact visitation. Inmates who are still in reception or have restrictions are limited to non-contact visits. Death row inmates may also receive contact visits, unless that has been suspended.

Some inmates are allowed to have family visits, which can last 30-40 hours. These visits are limited to one every 3-5 months. Visitation is typically held on Saturdays, Sundays, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, July 4th, and Thanksgiving Day. Actual visitation times may vary slightly by institution. Some institutions schedule visits by appointment.
All adult visitors must provide a valid government ID. Every adult visitor must fill out a pass each time he/she visits. Visitors must consent to a search or a metal detector scan.
Visitation reservations can be made through this website.
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 7:30 AM/8 AM – 2 PM/3 PM
Visitation is currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Phone: 760-348-7000

Email: [email protected]


Calipatria State Prison
7018 Blair Road
Calipatria, CA 92233

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate’s Full Name, CDCR #
Calipatria State Prison
Facility A
P.O. Box 5004
Calipatria, CA. 92233-5004

Inmate’s Full Name, CDCR #
Calipatria State Prison
Facility B
P.O. Box 5005
Calipatria, CA. 92233-5005

Inmate’s Full Name, CDCR #
Calipatria State Prison
Facility C
P.O. Box 5006
Calipatria, CA. 92233-5006

Inmate’s Full Name, CDCR #
Calipatria State Prison
Facility D
P.O. Box 5007
Calipatria, CA. 92233-5007

Inmate’s Full Name, CDCR #
Calipatria State Prison
P.O. Box 5008
Calipatria, CA. 92233-5008

Deposit/Commissary Accounts

Money can be sent to inmates through electronic transfers or check or money order. Electronic transfers can be done through GTL/ConnectNetwork, JPay, or Access Corrections.

JPay Website

Access Corrections Website

Money orders, personal checks, or cashier’s checks can be mailed to JPay.

2202 South Figueroa St
Box #3001
Los Angeles, CA 90007

A check or money order may also be mailed directly to the institution, with the inmate’s name and CDCR number.

Security Level: Mixed Custody, Minimum- to Maximum-Security

Department of Corrections Offender Search

Incarceration Details:
CDCR Number, Age, Admission Date, Current Location

Parole Eligible Date

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